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Matthias Church

Important informations

  • Before buying a ticket, please check the opening hours of the church.
  • Tickets are non-refundable!
  • The tickets for the church can be used freely in the given calendar year, not only on the selected day.
  • Group tickets: if you buy more than 10 tickets, please print only the first ticket, not all!

Today's church opening hours:

09:00 - 17:00

Ticket type

  • Felnőtt templomjegy

    2.900 Ft
  • Diák templomjegy

    2.300 Ft
  • 6 év alatti gyermek templomjegy

  • Nyugdíjas templomjegy

    2.300 Ft
  • Családi templomjegy

    6.900 Ft
  • Felnőtt toronyjegy

    3.400 Ft
  • Diák toronyjegy

    2.900 Ft
  • 6 év alatti gyermek toronyjegy

  • Nyugdíjas toronyjegy

    2.900 Ft
  • Családi toronyjegy

    7.900 Ft

Ticket purchase process

Please select which location you want to buy a ticket for, the Matthias Church or the Tower, and then click on the selected icon. After that, choose the date (month and day) that suits you, on which you want to visit us. If you choose the Tower, you will also need to choose an exact time. After that, please use the -/+ buttons to enter how many people you would like to visit us with, then add the tickets to the cart. After that, you will be directed to the payment, where you will be able to pay by bank card after entering the mandatory personal data. After payment, we will immediately confirm your successful purchase and send your tickets to the e-mail address you provided.

Ticket to the Matthias Church

In the church, liturgical events and state delegations have priority, the opening hours may change depending on this. Please be sure to check our website for current opening hours.

Ticket to the Tower

Please note that the tower ticket includes a short 10-minute guided tour. You can find the exact start time of the tower tour on the ticket you purchased. In order to start on time, please arrive 5 minutes earlier at the entrance of the tower, where the tower tour will begin. The panoramic terrace can be reached by climbing 197 steps. Please note that there is no elevator or washroom in the tower.

Family ticket

The Matthias Church pays special attention to help larger families garantee the possibility to visit the church.

In the case of two adults and more than one child, it is worth buying the family ticket, because in this case the price does not change for more children.  For the discount, we ask you to show your ID card at the entrance of the church.