Our Mission

The Church of Our Lady of Buda Castle (Matthias Church) has a prominent role in the past and present of the Church and the Hungarian nation, the tourism of the Hungarian capital, and in living our Christian faith.

The Trusteeship of Matthias Church is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the church, and the coordination of tasks related to religion, culture and tourism while respecting the absolute priority of religious aspects (as the church is a sacred place, the house of God).

Our everyday work changes according to the needs of our time, yet our common goal has remained unchanged since the foundation of the church in 1246: to make all visitors feel the love of God who created the world and wants everyone to be saved, through the man-made beauties of the church, the music played in the church, and through the living Christian community.

The Trusteeship of Matthias Church also pursues economic activity, which, besides self-preservation, supports the development of the church and its services, and the social and cultural goals of the Catholic Church in Hungary.