Visitor rules

The Church of Matthias Provision requires that visitors and pilgrims arriving at the Temple and visiting the Temple should accept the Visitors’ Rules. The Visitors Regulations are placed in the cash register pavilion and at the entrance of the Church in a prominent form. The Visitors Regulations also appear on the Temple website. It is emailed to the contracted tourism partner as an attachment to the contract.

  1. Visiting the Church and using the Services of the Warden shall be subject to the acceptance and observance of the Visitors’ Regulations. By redeeming an entry ticket or entering the temple area, the provisions of the Visitors’ Regulations are recognized by the Visitors of the Temple as binding on themselves. Visitors who do not comply with these rules or who violate them may be denied service by the Warden and his staff, and may be removed from the Temple area by security guards in justified cases. In this case the Visitor shall not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.
  2. Visitors to the Temple and access to services are provided on a first come, first served basis.
  3. You may enter the Church and use the services of the Ward only with a one-time, non-refundable one-time entry pass. The visitor is required to keep the receipt or invoice received at the time of purchase while in the Temple area. Visitors who do not have a valid entry ticket may stay in the Temple area only in justified and authorized forms (delegation, protocol guest, individual or group pilgrim). When visiting the Tower, please note that a limited number of Visitors may be present at the Tower or on its stairs. The Tower will be visited at specific times, so please be sure to visit the Tower at the time specified. In the event of a delayed appearance, and subject to other Visitors, we will not be able to provide you with a new appointment or refund the ticket price.
  4. The Services of the Guardianship are at your own risk. Take special care of the temple’s furnishings, equipment, objects, the temple itself! Any person who, intentionally or through negligence, causes harm, may require the management of the Assistance to seek redress or to institute damages proceedings against him. The Guardian shall not be liable for any damage to persons or property if they result from the irresponsible behavior of visitors.
  5. Persons with fever, infectious or injured, open wounds, persons under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, or drunk, shall not enter or remain in the Temple area with a valid entry ticket. Such persons may be denied service by the Guardians and removed by security guards from the Temple area. The Visitor shall not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price in such cases. Failure to refuse entry shall not establish the responsibility of the Trustee.
  6. The mentally disabled or blind guest may only use the services under the constant supervision of an escort.
  7. Visitors ‘group leaders are responsible for observing and enforcing the requirements of the Visitors’ Regulations in the Temple area. Visitors’ group leaders and attendants should pay special attention to the safety of life, accident and property of the group they lead.
  8. No activity, behavior or importation of equipment (glass, knives, other sharpening and cutting tools, etc.) that could endanger one’s own or others’ physical integrity or cause damage to the building or equipment shall be allowed in the temple area. objects, property of others.
  9. It is forbidden to consume drugs, rubbish, fire, bring vehicles, animals, objects that cause an accident, use puncture, weapons, pyrotechnic or other alarm devices in the temple area and behave in a manner contrary to public order and morals.
  10. The Visitor’s attention is drawn to the fact that, in order to ensure personal and property security, the Security Guard is entitled to: a) verify the identity of any person entering or staying in the temple area, communicating the purpose of entry or stay; to deny, refuse or, in the case of obvious inaccuracy of the information communicated, to deny the person concerned entry, stay or leave; b) invite any person entering or leaving the temple area to present their luggage and its contents; (c) to call upon the infringer to cease his conduct.


  1. Within the Temple area, use the designated traffic routes. It is forbidden to climb over guard cords, enter areas closed to Visitors, and stay in unauthorized areas!
  2. In any case, the request or instructions of the Ward Church service staff must be followed.
  3. There is no first aid service during Temple operating hours. In case of injury, sickness or any medical complaint, you can request specialized care by informing the staff of the Care.
  4. Smoking is prohibited throughout the Temple and within 5 meters of the gates.
  5. Please dispose of garbage or waste in the designated waste bin.
  6. In the event of a fire, bomb, or other exceptional occurrence, the instructions of the service personnel and security guards must be followed.
  7. By purchasing an entry ticket or entering the Temple, guests of the Temple express and acknowledge that they accept, are bound by, and comply with, these Visitors By-Laws.
  8. The Provider shall indicate the prices of the ticket and the service on the website and on the information boards in the cashier’s office.
  9. The Church is usually open to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. The Church is a sacred place, and liturgical assignments always take precedence over tourist attendance, so the Warden reserves the right to change the time and order of entry. Changes are posted to the Visitors by announcement at the checkout and entrance, or by word of mouth. The Visitor expressly acknowledges this and, knowing this, purchase his / her ticket. After the closing hour marked that day, Visitors are required to leave the Temple area as soon as possible.
  10. The Trusteeship Management draws the Visitor’s attention to the fact that the entry ticket entitles entry and residence, and does not extend to the safekeeping of property, and the Trustees do not assume any financial responsibility for any items that have disappeared within the Temple area.
  11. Additional Rules for Visiting the Tower: Each Visitor may visit the Tower solely at their own risk! In all circumstances, follow the posted written instructions as well as the verbal instructions of the church guard, security guard, escort. Any person who fails to comply with the instructions or causes them to do so will be liable for the failure to comply with the instructions. Please make a judgment of your visit to the Tower by assessing and evaluating your personal physical fitness and health, bearing in mind that you can access the Tower’s terrace by 197 steps. Minors under supervision or persons in need of care may only visit the Tower with an accompanying person! Please note that the stairway leading to the Tower has a diameter of only 60 cm.

Use the part of the tower stairs next to the wall and use the handrails. However, please do not lean against the wall, as in some places the wall surface may be sharp and sharp, which may cause injury or accident. Please do not touch the luminaires or electrical wires. Following each other, it is recommended to keep a distance of 4-5 steps. When meeting downhill and uphill people, they should act in a manner that is respectful of safety and respectful of basic courtesy. The lighting of the staircase is partly natural and partly artificial, so due to the different lighting conditions, please pay special attention to safe traffic on the stairs. When using the stairs, look up only in the most justified cases. Upon reaching the Tower stairs, please check your clothing and luggage.

Extremely different weather conditions (stormy winds, ice) can occur due to the height of the Tower, so be sure to take care of your clothing and pay attention to any slippery floors due to the weather. Make sure your footwear is safe for walking (clean it from sticky materials) or only wear footwear that allows you to move safely down stairs for an extended period of time. Before entering the Tower’s terrace, make sure that the objects you carry are securely fastened. Use a cell phone, camera, binoculars only with your neck hooked or attached to your wrist. The Guardian assumes no liability for damage resulting from the loss of objects, or for any damage caused to a third party by the loss or dumping of the objects. When visiting the Tower, it is forbidden to: – cross the railings in a manner that endangers personal safety; – stand on the edge of the rail; – throw or pour anything from the Tower terrace; – smoke and perform any fire-related activity!


  1. Our visitors have the right to comment orally or in writing regarding the type of service, its quality or the conduct of the service provider. The management of the Guardianship is obliged to investigate the complaint, comment, proposal in accordance with the applicable rules, and to act accordingly. Complaints with the address must be answered in writing.

Visitors can also address their complaints to competent and competent supervisory bodies:

Budapest Metropolitan Government Office, Consumer Protection Inspectorate (Mon-Fri 9 am – 12 pm 1088 Budapest, József krt. 6; Monday – Thursday 13-16 pm 1052 Budapest, Városház utca 7)